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Top 6 travel food that every Indian should carry

How excited are you about your upcoming trip? After the pandemic jinxed our travel plans, I am sure that all of us cannot wait to get out of our chaotic life schedule.

Well, you are the lucky one here because we are still at work. No travel for us. Although a happy journey to you!

But Hey! Are you scared about being cranky in case you don’t get food that matches your Indian palette? Well, we have got you covered.

Here is the top 6 travel food that you should carry along with you wherever you go. It will save you from getting cranky while you are working or exploring.

1. Digestives

Digestives Travel food











Well, are you fond of Hajmola? Or are you fond of anything that works like Hajmola? Well, you know where I am heading, don’t you? Oh yes, do not forget your digestives. What else can be more important than that for an Indian as travel food?

2. Maggi

Instant noodles maggi, Travel food

Are you a hosteller? Oh, then you know the fetish for Maggie. It is easy to make. All it requires is hot water. And I know you might forget, therefore just a reminder! Do not forget the magic masala sachets for the spicy palette that you have.

3. Pickle

pickle travel food











Is an Indian breakfast ever complete without achar? It will be a lie if you say that you don’t eat achar with anything you don’t like. Every Indian household needs achar to go with the tasteless greens. So how can you not carry it with you? Just be very careful about packing it. You don’t want the oil to spoil your precious bag. Check the lid ten times before putting it inside.

4. Dry sweets

laddoo travel food











Do you have a sweet tooth? Do you crave dessert after every meal or any time of the day? Well, then you cannot forget to savor on some laddus and barfis. These work for you all the time. If you are bored or are watching a movie on your way, you can plop one into your mouth anytime. Now you are good to go.

5. Snacks


You can get a little picky here. There are 29 states in India, of which every state has a different snack item. Well, we in Assam prefer Savoury Kordoi. What snack is distinctive of your state? Until and unless it is not too oily and till the snack item is dry, you have an option to pack them. special

6. Dry fruits

Dry fruits











Do you also have a craving to munch on something every time you sit in your car or any other means? Then dry fruits come to your rescue. It comes in handy moreover you can carry it in your handbag as well. Now, who would not want to pull out a box of dry fruits from their bag?

Travelling can be adventurous. But trying out an adventure with your palette can be slightly risky. With these items at hand, you are done and dusted.

Comment and let us know what is your go-to travel food!

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