Top 8 Assamese cuisine that everyone must try

Many of us might think that Assam is all about the Ambubachi Mela, one-horned rhinos, and the majestic man-made lakes of Sibsagar then you need to head to a good Assamese restaurant. Authentic Assamese dishes might be in many of your food bucket lists. Having a league of their own popular Assamese cuisine will never go out style. Being geographically diverse Assam has a lot to serve you on the dining table at any time of the year.

Here is a list of Assamese cuisine that you shouldn’t miss out trying:

Assamese Khar


1. Khar:

This is an integral part of Assamese food and generally, any meal starts with Khar. It is an alkaline-based food item of Assam. While preparing this delicacy the main ingredients are, taro, raw papaya, pulses and it needs to be filtered through dried banana leaves to get the signature flavor in the dish. This is generally accompanied by rice. The peel of bheem kol or aathiya kol is considered the best for Khaar preparation as its peel is thicker.

Masor Tenga


2. Masor Tenga:

Masor Tenga-a tangy fish curry is the most popular Assamese cuisine. This is a slowly cooked bouillon made from tomatoes, outenga, and lemon and offers a very tangy and refreshing taste once it’s ready. This dish is loved by almost every Assamese and that can be known from the enthusiasm they show when asked about it.

Duck Meat Curry


3. Sesame Duck Curry:

Another one on the list is duck meat curry which is generally reserved for special occasions. It tastes really great and can blow you away. It is generally cooked with Ash Gourd by adding whole spices to it. You can also try duck meat cooked with pumpkin, sesame, lentil, and more.

xaak aru sabji


4. Xaak aru Bhaji:

This is usually a side dish in Assamese cuisine which is made with herbs and vegetables seasoned with ginger and garlic. This is an everyday sort of dish prepared for dinner or lunch when it comes to Assamese food. 

Ou Tenga


5. Ou Tenga:

Ou Tenga is a sour and sweet chutney that is made of jaggery and elephant apple. This chutney is a must-try that perfectly compliments your meal.  

Aloo Pitika


6. Aloo Pitika:

Aloo Pitika is the Assamese style mashed potatoes and is a mouth-watering side dish for dinner and lunch. Aloo Pitika is a simple yet one of the most enjoyable Assamese dishes. It is cooked in mustard oil with onion, coriander, and salt and it’s ready to eat.

Paro Manxho


7. Paro Manxho:

Yet another one in the list is pigeon meat. It is complemented by Koldil (Banana flower) which gives a unique taste to the dish. Generally, pigeon meat keeps the body warm in winters and thus preferred to be eaten during winters.

Narikol Pitha


8. Narikol Pitha:

Narikol Pitha is a sweet dish that is made using flour, roasted coconut, and sugar. This is quite easy to prepare and is an excellent dish to serve after the main course.

While your visit to Assam, make sure that you try these worth drooling dishes. You will definitely love relishing it. Do comment and let us know which dish did you like the most.


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