Healthy Vegan diet

5 Healthy Vegan Diet Sources

There is a hot trend of a healthy vegan diet that is making the rounds recently.

Well, for the people confused about this trend, let me help you out. A vegan diet cuts down the consumption of animal products for the betterment of the environment. 

Now you might have a question about the nutrients that you may lose. Well, we have got you covered here. 

Here are a few sources that will restore all the nutrients you may lose after curbing animal products. 

1. Tofu or other processed meat products

Tofu, healthy vegan diet

Have you ever seen those white lines on your nails? That line indicates that you may have a calcium deficiency. And dairy products are a great source of calcium. Now how do we restore the loss? 

Well, there is always a solution to your problems. Tofu, made by compressing soybean curds is a good substitute for meat and eggs. It will cover your iron deficiency as well.  

2. Plant Milk and Yogurts

plant milk, almond milk

There will be a high loss of calcium since you will be stopping dairy products entirely. But not anymore. You can always go for almond milk, Oat milk, and Coconut Milk.

These products will not just help you in restoring Calcium but will also help you to recover Vitamin D and Vitamin B12. Also, Almond milk tastes good. So why not try it? completely

3. Whole grains and cereals 

Quinoa, healthy vegan diet

I am sure everyone has heard of Quinoa by now. It is a pseudocereal that will help you in replacing your carbs, iron, and fiber deficiencies. 

However, grains and pseudocereals can act as antinutrients. Hence, sprouting will be beneficial so that the nutrients are not lost. 

4. Fruits, Vegetables, and Legumes

Fruits and vegetables

Well, this tops the list, being a vegan or without being one. For a baker, mashed banana is a great replacement for eggs in the cake. 

If you are a barbeque person, the mushroom and eggplant will solve your problem. And who doesn’t like pizzas? Well, you can still have a pizza that has a cauliflower crust. 

Green leafy vegetables are always a good option for restoring vitamin and mineral deficiency. 

5. Dry fruits, nuts, and seeds

Nuts and seeds, healthy vegan diet

I am sure everyone loves to munch something or the other, either while watching something. So why not crunch onto some dry fruits or flax and chia seeds. They are not just healthy but are also very tasty. 

They can either be eaten alone or can be put, into sauces or desserts. They are a good source of protein, vitamins, iron, and magnesium. 

So what are you waiting for? Get started with your vision to make this world a better place to live by following a healthy vegan diet. 


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